Industry-Grade Financial Analytics™

Are you using industry-grade analytics to manage financial risk?

Trust ALib™ for your core fixed-income derivatives risk infrastructure.

Suite LLC's ALib financial analytics empower your team to aggregate market risk from multiple asset classes, trading desks and investment strategies. That's because ALib was engineered and proven by the industry for that purpose. And that's why banks, hedge-funds, electronic exchanges, algorithmic trading platforms and service providers trust ALib for consistent and accurate pricing and risk management.

ALib's proven analytic functions; its object-oriented architecture and rich API's provide the tools you need to be industrious in today's financial markets. Contact Suite LLC to learn more about ALib™.

Suite LLC delivers interest-rate and credit derivatives solutions that are Proven, Progressive, Flexible and Transparent.

Technologists choose ALib™ for its broad cross-platform interoperability, helpful documentation, expert support and robust programming interfaces. Business professionals choose it because of its record for accuracy, consistency, and the ease with which you can build new structures with it.

ALib’s strength comes from its well-engineered design, which gives it the ability to support a wide range of products consistently and easily. We take particular pride in the transparency of our products and services. We are happy to explain the basis for our prices, and discuss the design and outputs of the library. Our customers value this clarity, which helps them avoid the risks associated with black-box solutions.

Suite LLC provides "superior" support. We assign grades to our vendors for (1) availability, (2) product understanding, (3) marketplace knowledge, (4) timeliness and (5) accuracy. Using this system, Suite LLC is our highest rated provider.

— Head of Risk Technology, Global Asset Manager with over $100 Billion AUM