About Suite

Founded in 2001, Suite delivers industry grade software and services to the financial services community. Our customers include top-tier banks, data-providers, ECN's/online trading platforms, outsourced service providers, hedge funds, and small community banks. We provide analytics for the pricing and risk management of fixed income cash products, fixed income derivatives and credit derivatives. Suite also provides customized software implementations, independent valuation services and portfolio stress testing.

Suite is independently owned and operated, catering to the unique needs and circumstances of each customer. We are profoundly committed to helping our clients succeed, with over 90% of our sales resulting from referrals by satisfied customers.

Our core software product is ALibV3.0™ - a proven set of financial analytic functions for pricing and risk management of fixed-income and credit derivatives products. ALibV3.0™ performs identically whether operated as Excel-Addins or through rich API's that make the analytic functions available via C/C++, C#, Java, VB/VBA, Python, and other popular and emerging web2.0 languages. ALibV3.0™ is thread-safe, and operates efficiently among all common operating environments including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Sun/OS and MacOS. We employ a unique building-block design along with rigid coding and documentation standards to ensure continued enrichment of the toolset.

Whether you need occasional help valuing a swap, or are implementing a highly-scalable global risk system, Suite can deliver quality services, advanced analytic software and dedicated implementation professionals to help you be industrious today.