ALibV3.26.10 adds support for NDS and enhances cross-currency swaps

New release introduces support for Non-Deliverable Swaps and improves management of cross-currency swaps and multi-currency portfolios. In addition, the native Python interface has been extended to include the credit products of Clib.

  • NDS are supported throughout their lifecycle, from pre-trade pricing, through to FX rate fixing and settlement.
  • Cross-currency swaps may have resettable notionals (MTM CCS).
  • Support is implemented using the underlying architecture introduced over recent iterations of ALib and is fully interoperable with traditional ALib functions and objects.
  • Credit functions have been wrapped in an easy-to-use native Python interface - ClibPY, compatible with ALibPY.
  • FRNs are now natively supported in the ALibPY Python interface.

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