ALib™ adds Fallback Spread Adjustments, new interpolation and Ubuntu 20.04

In order to provide enhancements to our users between major releases, ALib™ 3.26_6 is now available. The highlights are:

  • LIBOR/SOFR Fallback Spread Adjustments can be supplied as an input to the curve builder.

  • Interpolation enhancements allow a reference forward to be defined as the corresponding SOFR/OIS forward + an interpolated spread.

  • Curve builders can imply the term structure of this spread from market values.

  • Together these features help ensure ALib™ provides a robust a solution at each stage in the transition to the alternative reference rates.

  • New generic forward rate functions leveraging the object/convention framework introduced in recent releases.

  • Support has been added for Ubuntu 20.04. This continues ALib's tradition of supporting the widest range of platforms and interfaces. Since ALib™ uses a single common codebase across all variants, we ensure both interoperability and consistency of results everywhere.

For further information, email the support team or contact us via our website.