ALibV3.26.12 adds support for Rocky Linux

New release focuses on technical enhancements, with the following highlights:

  • ALib is now available on Rocky 8.
  • AlibPY Python interface is now even easier to use.

Dr. Gene Schupak, Suite Partner and head of Quantitative Development says, "Given how many of our customers build and deploy solutions on multiple platforms, it has always been our philosophy to support ALib via as many interfaces and on as many platforms as possible. This enables our customers' quants and developers to be more productive - and to guarantee consistent results everywhere.

"With Red Hat terminating Centos development, customers deploying sophisticated analytics in the cloud needed to update their Linux strategy. Now that the Rocky 8 distribution is stable, we decided to add support for it. This is in addition to our builds for Centos 7, Red Hat 6/7/8, Debian and Ubuntu."

This latest release also contains a new tool to make it extremely easy for customers to ask technical support questions in Python.

James Baker, ALib Product Manager says, "We always want the support process to be as seamless as possible. With a couple of clicks, developers can now create a JSON object containing a full serialization of any AlibPY function call and its arguments. This object can be emailed to Suite customer support to enable technical questions to be replicated and investigated without building specific example programs."

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