Suite LLC's ALib™ Enhances Python Interface and Zero Curve Infrastructure

New York, NY - 26th February, 2020

Suite LLC's ALib™ Enhances Python Interface and Zero Curve Infrastructure.

Suite LLC, vendor of financial analytics for derivatives pricing and risk management releases upgrade to ALib™, a leading quantitative analytics library.

Version 3.24 focuses on the Python ALib™ API and on a new reusable curve infrastructure.

The new curve structures enable clients to define a repository of market conventions which can be shared across all applications, whether implemented in a spreadsheet or programmatically.

Dr. Gene Schupak, Suite Partner and head of Quantitative Development states, "this was a natural evolution for us in making it easier for clients to quickly build solutions across multiple platforms while ensuring consistency and control over the market conventions that are applied".

The Python interface update is the first version of a new approach which makes greater use of native Python types.

James Baker, Product Manager commented, "for many of our clients one of the key features of ALib™ is the availability of the same proven analytics through many interfaces - Excel, Java, Python, etc. We've seen a marked increase in the number of clients using our Python interface and have invested in making it easier for those clients to quickly become productive."

Suite LLC, established in 2001, is an independent NY City based vendor of derivatives software and services supporting a global client base that includes tier-one Banks, Hedge-Funds, Exchanges and other Financial-Services organizations. ALib™ provides industry-standard pricing and risk management functions for interest-rate cash, derivatives and credit instruments. It is supported across a range of contemporary technology platforms, including Excel, C#, Java, Python and MATLAB. Particular strengths of ALib™ include flexible curve construction routines and broad support for corporate, agency and sovereign bonds.

ALib™ and ALibV3.0™ are registered trademarks of Suite, LLC.

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